In principle, the Museum for Sepulchral Culture is a museum of cultural history enabling visitors to get to know the rich cultural tradition connected with death, funerals and mourning. Given the strong social relevance, the museum also intends to provide food for thought in the present situation.

The principles which apply to museums – collection, preservation, research and mediation – apply here without restriction. Despite its specialist subject, the Museum of Sepulchral Culture is a museum like any other.

In the permanent exhibition, only part of the collection of this comparatively young museum is on display. Temporary special exhibitions supplement this selection by setting historical, artistic and thematic accents and going into greater depth.

The museum’s resources are made available to scholarship with the help of exhibition catalogues as well as the titles published as “Kassel Studies” and “Kassel Manuscripts” on sepulchral culture. Selected items from the collection are presented regularly in the magazine “Friedhof und Denkmal”.

In addition to the exhibitions, many educational actions and cultural events take place in the museum, as well as interdisciplinary lectures and academic meetings.